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The stones used in many items are natural and therefore will vary in

shape and size.  While the stone you receive will be similar to that in

the item photo, it may not be identical to it.  


If needed to properly display an image on a stone, a small display stand

will be included with your purchase.  Depending on how the stone

balances on the display stand, the type of stand included

may vary.  Most will be the clear plastic easel type stand seen in most 
of the item photos on this website.  Others may need a prop type 
stand where the stone simply leans on the prop in order to display 
the image for proper viewing.  Some prop stands may be permanently 
attached to the back of the stone while others work as a loose prop.  
Some stones may have a shape that allows them to stand alone without any 
display stand, in which case no display stand will be included.  



Items are shipped to the USA only and via USPS or UPS, the cost of which is

included in the posted price.


Normally, we will try to ship an ordered item within 2 to 3 business days

after receipt of payment.  Items marked "Out of Stock" will require

approximately 10 to 14 days for production and shipping after receipt of payment.


Because each item for sale here is made by hand it is essentially a one-of-a-kind.
Therefore, in the event multiple copies of the same item are ordered, or if a
replacement item is needed, even though every effort will be made to duplicate the 
required items, there is no guarantee that the items will be perfectly identical.

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