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ES02 - Handmade image of The Djed-Pillar, an Egyptian symbol, Imprinted on stone.  The Djed Pillar, an ancient Egyptian symbol meaning 'stability', endurance, and rejuvenation, is the symbolic backbone of the god Osiris, or that of the deceased associated with him.  The Egyptians recognized the importance of the spine and saw it as a symbol that kept Osiris, the resurrected god, intact and able to function.  Spell 151e of the Book of the Dead refers to the djed-pillar amulet as “the magical protection of Osiris,” and spell 155 was recited over this amulet as it was placed on the throat of a mummy. 


As a hieroglyph, the djed-pillar denotes the more abstract concepts of stability, endurance, and rejuvenation.


The stones used are natural and therefore will vary in shape and size.  While the stone you receive will be similar to that in the item photo, it may not be identical to it.  


In order to properly display the image, a small stand is included. The type of display stand included may vary as explained further in the PRODUCTION & SHIPPING NOTES link on the Home page.

ES02 - Handmade Image of The Djed-Pillar, an Egyptian Symbol, Imprinted on Stone

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