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N09 - Glass Luminary of a Bald Eagle, the symbol

of the United States.  The item has the image of a

Bald Eagle, sandcarved in reverse, on the back

side of a round glass disk.  The disk and the image are 
illuminated from below by a multi-lamp LED 
light housed in a custom made box which 
acts as the base.  The LED light is powered 
by 3-AAA batteries (not included).  The base 
box, made of maple wood and stained, is 
4.75 x 4.75 x 2.25" in size and comes with 
plastic pads on the bottom to avoid 
scratching the resting surface.  The round 
glass disk is 4.875" in diameter and is 
.375" thick.  


Makes a great night light or a light source to

brighten a darker corner of your bookshelf.

N09 - Glass Luminary with a Sandcarved Image of a Bald Eagle

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