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AEI03 - A keychain made of a closed loop steel

cable attached to a stone fob.  A threaded fitting at

one end of the cable provides for the closure of the 
loop.  The fob is a highly polished black stone with a

hole drilled in order to attach the steel cable to the fob.

The stone fob is sandcarved with the image of the

rune Laguz, from the Elder Futhark which is then

color filled with a gold colored paint.  


LAGUZ  is The Water Rune, pronunced "Lah-gooze",

and is equivalent to the English letter "L", as in Let.  

Its translation is water, lake, lagoon, meaning water,

sea, ocean, river or lake, cleansing, and tide.  Its

characteristics are associations with water in all its

forms, cleansing action and tidal movement - ebb

and flow.  It is a fortuitous omen for overseas travel,

fishing or other aquatic activities.  Laguz means water,

a vital part of life, but a constant danger, just as
our journey through life encounters risks.  Laguz

contains elements of fluidity, changeability, and a

lack of control.  It represents the sensual madness of

sexuality, the unconscious, intuitive, and psychic

abilities.  It’s deceptive elements come from

its variety, rather than from any menace.  Traditionally,

Laguz is the ultimate female rune.


The rune meanings are augmented by further

interpretations for upright (right way up),

reverse (upside-down) and converse (face down) 
presentations.  In reverse presentation LAGUZ

means storm, flood, waves, corrosion or other 
destructive action of water, danger of sinking or

drowning.  In converse presentation it means to

beware of mariners or others associated with water

who may be trying to trick you.

Other associations of LAGUZ include:
Runic Number:  21
Color:  Dark Green
Element:  Water
Polarity:  Female
Associated gods:  Njord, Nerthus
Astrological Correspondence:  The Moon
Gemstone:  Pearl
Tree:  Osier Willow
Plant:  Leek


Note that all the runes each have various

interpretations such as what is described here for



For a more general description of runes, see the page on

"About Runes..." by clicking here.


AEI03 - Keychain with Stone Fob, Sandcarved with the Elder Rune Laguz

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