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AEI02 - This item is a set of stone runes, (stones sandcarved with rune glyphs), and a wooden display/storage chest decorated with ancient Norse designs to store and display the runes.  


The runes, sandcarved on stones, are from the ELDER FUTHARK.  To find out what that means CLICK HERE.  

The stones used are jet black, highly polished, about 2 to 2.5 inches across.  They are absolutely gorgeous pieces of stone.  After sandcarving, the rune image is color filled with a gold colored paint to enhance the contrast and perception of the rune.  


The wooden display chest is a wooden box, custom made from oak, with a recessed lift off lid, outside dimensions of 13” x 13” x 3”, and inside dimensions of 12.25” x 12 .25” x 2.25” (with the lid on).  Felt

is applied to the floor of the box under the dividers and the box is finished with Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray after the decorations are applied. 


THE DECORATIONS – Both the exterior and interior of the lid are decorated with  ancient Norse and Celtic designs as well as my own designs.  The ancient Norse and Celtic patterns were obtained from Dover Publications, Inc. of Mineola, New York.  To visit their website CLICK HERE.

They state that the ancient Norse and Celtic designs were “...meticulously adapted from artwork that once decorated ancient rune stones, furniture, sword hilts, and other Celtic and Old Norse artifacts...”.  
The center of the lid interior is dominated with a custom image created with rune fonts and graphics software.  In addition to being colorful, it is intended to be informative in that it is a key to the position and names of the various runes.  The color of each rune in this image is the color associated with that rune. 


If you would like to see the details of how I designed and made this rune chest, visit the project at instructables.com by CLICKING HERE


For more information on runes, what they are and their history, CLICK HERE.

AEI02 - Set of Sandcarved Rune Stones in a Wooden Storage Chest

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