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About Me

Hello, I'm Richard Eslinger, the creator of the www.vintage-imaging.com website.  For most of my career I worked as an engineer and computer graphics specialist.  In more recent years, I discovered a hobby of searching archival sources for historic, interesting, or important vintage images.  I refurbish them with graphics software and imprint them on stone, tile, wood, paper, or glass in various ways.  This has led to the presentation of some interesting artwork.  Some of the results of this hobby can be seen on this website.

I also work in a trophy and awards business, Great Lakes Trophies and Engraving (GLTE) in Garden City, Michigan.  You can visit us at www.greatlakestrophies.com to see some of the items we make and sell.  I program and operate our engraving machines for trophies and recognition awards.  We have 5 engraving machines including 3 laser engravers and 2 mechanical engravers.  Programming and running them is an art in its own right and requires an artistic view and use of computer graphics software.  The items on this website that were laser engraved were made on these laser engravers.

In addition to the images on this website, I also used graphics software to produce  refurbished images for the posters and framed prints that you can see in my galleries at imagekind.  You can see them at www.rmeslinger.imagekind.com/. In particular there are images of the U.S. Founding Fathers, available as posters and framed prints with many possible options for frames, matting, and glass options, even prints on stretched canvas.


I live in Farmington Hills, Michigan with my wife, Karen.  Thank you for visiting

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